Gwen Levey and The Breakdown

CMT featured artist Gwen Levey and The Breakdown are a 70’s throwback outfit with roots in Country, Americana and Rock&Roll. Their first single, “Love The Thorns,” is an ode to unconditional love and their soon to be released EP, titled ‘Gypsy Soul,' showcases their fondness for the freedom and psychedelia of a bygone era. "Love The Thorns" gained over 80,000 streams in its first month alone. The single also made its way onto official Spotify playlists "Next From Nashville," "New In Nashville," "The Road to Americana," and "Fresh Finds: Country."

American Songwriter Magazine praises that "Love The Thorns" showcases Gwen's "attention-grabbing vocal performance and impressive dynamic range." They go on to write, "In an age where genre can be difficult to define, it is songs like 'Love the Thorns' that remind the listener what the heart of country music sounds like."
Gwen Levey and The Breakdown have continuously been featured on WMOT Roots Radio, the official sponsor of AMERICANAFEST, on their "Local Brew Hour."