It doesn't happen overnight and the making of this album is no exception. Over the course of several years I have written songs that I have wanted to share on a fully produced album, but I hadn't quite found the right producer. I went through several producers and many letdowns during this time, but everything changed the day I met Stephen Joseph Antonelli and Nate Lanzino at Songbuilder Studios in Catonsville, MD in 2014. From the moment we cut my first demo, "The Reason Why," in three hours, I knew I'd found my guys.


From there, I spent most of 2016 and the beginning of this year driving two hours to their studio. Somehow I was lucky enough to find two people who not only understood my sound, but also put up with my busy schedule while getting through my last year of college (hallelujah!). Every mile was worth it for me and this album would not be what it is without their talent, kindness, and endless support for me and my music. Every song on this album was bettered by them and for that, they have bettered me as an artist.


Outskirts could not have been created without the endless love and support from my beautiful parents, Mark and Ingrid Levey. They are my biggest fans and their influences can be heard in every track. Thank you, mom and dad, for teaching me to believe in the beauty of my dreams.


Thank you Aunt Leah and Aunt Sandra for making this record possible and for believing in my music. How amazing is it that I get to call you two my role models! To my beautiful extended family, thank you for always supporting me — especially my grandmother, Ingeborg: you taught me to love music and find my voice. I am forever grateful for you.


To Vicki, Erica, and Zach: thank you for always encouraging my love for singing and music from the very beginning. To my dear Catherine, Lizzie, and the Bowman's, thank you for always being there when I've needed you. To Miriam Morrison, thank you for supporting this record and for being such an endless light in my life. To all of the people whom I am so lucky to call my friends, thank you for supporting me in all I've done. To everyone at UMW Theatre, thank you for teaching me the value of making your own opportunities and being patient with yourself. To the lovely and talented Kelsey Rae: thank you SO much for making my album artwork so beautiful! You have truly captured me in your amazing work.


A special thank you to Mark Snyder for believing in my music and for helping to make my writing better, not just on this record but as an overall songwriter. To Austin O' Rourke, thank you for helping to shape "Caving" into what it is now from the very first demo of it we did together in our school's recording studio. 


And of course to Michael Hudgins, I absolutely could not have created this record without you. Somehow you never missed one of my shows and have driven those many miles to the studio with me to give your thoughts and support. You were the one who encouraged Outskirts from the beginning, and I love you so much.


A big thank you to YOU for listening to this album! Thank you for supporting my music. I look forward to the journey ahead with you by my side!


Finally...with love, this album is dedicated to the memory of Scott Thomas Houk. "Caving" will always be for you, my friend.


All my love,



-MAY 2017